Monday, March 9, 2015

Minimalist Home Desain Interior Type 36

Minimalist interior layout, in addition to providing external should be considered. Though it. In the house, but the comfort for the occupants of the house is also important As the house is not just a simple accommodation. But the house as well as a gathering place for family and should be comfortable and cozy. The few things that should be taken into account in the definition of the minimalist design of the kind of 36/45/60.
Type design minimalist modern living room 36
The first functional element considered. For this reason, there is the added value of a minimalist home. Minimalist house is certainly not designed as a sanctuary for all. But also as a place to enjoy the comfort of the occupants of the houses internal structure. And the use of the furniture or furniture, the functional value. Avoid too much furniture to reduce the space. And you do not use a lot of permanent separation environments.
In addition, there is also a decorative element that often a combination of bright colors or neutral colors. Undoubtedly be mixed harmoniously and in accordance with the function of the space itself. How white bathroom white and brown for the living room, blue and purple or pink and for the living room and bedroom. By applying some of these provisions that both certainly not to terrorize the interior of your home. Because you can create your own design with the leader. These reviews minimalist house materials INTERIOR DESIGN 36/45/60 kind can be disinfected with new ideas for your home interior. Visit 36 ​​and 72 also the discussion of the previous as minimalist interior design TYPE House Model meaningful.